This is highly confusing. Do I refer to my future as you, or I? I’ll decide to call my future self a you. I hope that by this time, you’ve actually become productive at work. If not, what the hell are you doing. You’re a third through your first year at Lynbrook! How have you not become productive! Ignore that if you have become very efficient at getting work done. I also hope that by now, you’ve made plenty of friends. It’s a lot easier than what you first anticipate, no matter how many new friends you’ve made. If you haven’t I’ll be the one to give you that push. Go out! Talk to people with common interests! Get to know them past just their interests. Get to know them as a person. There’s so much that I want to let you know. If the stress has taken its toll, don’t give up. There’s two kinds of people in this world, people who get it done, and people who quit. You can’t quit. You have to rule over everything you do, and if you choose to do something you have no experience in, make yourself the king. Also, please finish at least up to Chapter 7 in The Specials. If you don’t finish, well, how slow can you possibly be? Also remember to not fall in love with anyone right off the bat. That’s a mistake we’ve made, and every since someone’s admitted to liking us, we got cocky. Stay humble, you have to rule over everything, but you don’t have to remind them about it all the time. That’s basically all I have to say. Past self out, and remember, you have to rule over everything you do. It’s your dream, and you have to stick to it, otherwise, what’s the point? Okay that’s actually it now. Good bye.

With care, the Justin from three months ago