Fruitful Lies

I’ll lie to you and tell you, “You’re perfect!”
You'll lie to me and say, “I know that you’re worth it.”
You’ll lie to me and tell me you love me.
Then I’ll lie and say, “I love you too, Honey.”
I’ll lie to you, then your heart will shatter.
But, you’ll do the same to me, so does it even matter?
Is a lie still a lie if you feel it’s the truth during those moments?
Or is it still a lie and if you tell the truth after… it’s just a bonus?
Just hope for the other to give you condolence.
You’re not perfect, I didn’t love you, but I was immature at the time.
I know the lies hurt, but the truth would have too… Yet truth’s not a crime.
If I actually told you the truth, how would it have made you not cry?
So just ask yourself, is brutal honesty that much better than a fruitful lie?
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