If I told you…

If I told you I was gonna die this year… Would you shed a tear or would you cheer? Would you come by every week just to talk and have a beer? Or maybe you’d stay away because I was nothing more to you than a peer. Time is a blessing and your answer might not be clear… But what would you do if I told you all I had left was one year?

If I told you I only had a month until I’m gone… Would you tell me to hold on or cut me out like a coupon? Would you celebrate my life all night into the break of dawn? Or would you not stay too long and leave the second that you started to yawn? Life is precious, and as I write this, I have a piece of wood to knock on… But what would you do if you only had a month until I’m gone?

If I told you my life was gonna be over in a week… Would you try to talk as your eyes began to leak or purposely not speak. Would you come give me a hug and maybe a kiss on the cheek? Or is it not as important as taking selfies about your eye brows being on fleek? If you’re reading this I’ve affected your life in some way and I know this sounds bleak… But what would you do if I stopped living by the end of this week?

If I told you I was gonna pass by the end of the day… On my death bed telling you to leave, would you stay or simply walk away? Would you be by my bedside and pray I don’t become the devil’s prey? Or would you rather not put yourself through the pain of seeing me that way? No matter what you say is okay… But what would you do if my final hours were today?

If somebody told you I was already in a casket… Would you break down in a fashion that’s dramatic or try to mask it? Would you cry driving by my house every time you pass it? Or would you smile from memories that could only be categorized as classic? You only get so much time to burry a hatchet… But would it already be buried with me in my casket?

Tomorrow is never promised, but that’s something I don’t need to tell you… so could any of what I said be a preview or just couldn’t be true? Could our connection still be eligible for a renew? Or could it really be too late for a redo? If our last moment together was the last we could go through… I was blessed to have your presence, but could the same be said by you?