Moral Feud

How pathetic can one guy be? You expect respect when respect comes with a fee… like a college degree. Oh wait, you didn’t get that because college had you too stressed. Now you’re drownin’ in your own debt. You’re lookin’ like you only have a few breathes left. Why else do you think your exes left? It’s because they deserved better than you! Other guys can give a girl the world, all your wallet can afford is Applebee’s twenty for two. Here’s something you gotta consider. A girl with a figure wants a guy with six figures. That’s why you can’t even get a spark with a girl off tinder, go figure. You’re all alone in this cold world and you’re only getting sicker. Depression is a weak person killer. Loneliness is the trigger. There’s so many bullet holes in your liver from countless shots of liquor. No wonder you’re against owning a gun. I already know what you’d do if you had one. Your job helps people at the cost of having poor wealth. At this point you’re a lost cause with mentally poor health. I suggest you trade a real gun with the vodka, end all the drama, and take shots that’ll actually kill your poor self.

No way! I definitely think otherwise. He doesn’t realize how you’ve touched people’s lives. You’re mentally sharper than throwing knives. Yet this guy’s saying you should give up because your exes aren’t wives and your morals mean more than what money buys. I don’t think suicide is what that implies. Don’t let him talk you into that demise. I know you could see through his lies even if you didn’t have 20/20 eyes. You’re so much smarter than that! You don’t need to be degreed to know the big picture is larger than that! Your past scars have made your skin harder than that! Words can’t cut you. He should need something sharper than that! They say the first cut is the deepest, but they don’t say that smaller ones are more frequent. Sure those wounds came with nights that had you sleepless, but those same wounds would have turned some of the best people into delinquents. Your cuts left infections and you searched for the tools to treat it. Your heart beats too strong for him to beat it. You know you’re here for such a bigger reason. You didn’t survive all that just to die to the words of this demon.

This is the constant argument of the demon and angel on my shoulder’. I’m along for the ride, but I hate this roller coaster. One side says, “You’re nothing! Been through hell! Don’t you want it to be over?!?!” The other side says, “You survived! Here’s your Purple Heart. You’re a soldier!” These conversations give me headaches on a daily basis. I’m so thirsty for answers and both tempt me with an oasis. Demon grumbles intriguing graceless fallacious greatness. Why does death have to be so flirtatious?!?! Angel encourages me to be courageous and I’ll receive the greatest graces from a god that’s faceless. Am I supposed to expect that same god to be gracious when I’m the one that’s faithless?!?! To think you have to be fully good or bad is a mere illusion. You’re only perceived to be one or the other by another’s conclusion. Hypocritical since we all fight within and ask ourselves,“What am I doin’?” I’m not holy or evil. I’m a demon/angel fusion. But before you judge me, you should know the name for that is “human”.