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How many customer loyalty programs are you signed up to? How many are you aware of?

The loyalty program has become an embedded part of the retail industry. Most shoppers are aware of at least one or two customer loyalty programs (even if they’re not part of them).

Bond Brand Loyalty and Visa’s annual Loyalty Report surveyed 55,000 consumers and found that, on average, they were a member of 14.8 loyalty programs. But they were only actively using less than half of them (6.7).

Clearly, just offering a loyalty program is not enough to actually…

Originally published on Lightspeed Blog.

They’re either less-than-pristine and leave you just wanting to get in and get out fast, or they’re an immaculate happy place with flattering lighting, trendy wallpaper and tiling, bougie soap and a selfie-ready mirror.

1. Funky wallpaper

Where: Al’s Deli

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Everyone’s a critic.

This adage is especially resonant today as smartphones give diners the ability to publish their thoughts about a restaurant to dozens of reviews sites before settling the check.

While can encourage diners to visit a restaurant, positive reviews bad restaurant reviews can deter customers and affect revenue.

The bad news is that no restaurant is immune to angry customers and less-than-stellar reviews.

The good news? When you have a solid grasp on how to handle bad restaurant reviews, you can turn them into opportunities for growth. ReviewTrackers found that 44.6% …

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Omnichannel retail has gone from buzzword to being part of any good retail strategy and so it should. After all, our needs as shoppers change frequently. The channels that we buy through are incredibly varied from the store to online to mobile to social media and more.

But that doesn’t mean that we want our experience to be.

What is Omnichannel retail?

Most retailers already operate multiple channels. They have a website. They might have a store. Or they may have a mobile app and various social media feeds. They could even have a chatbot or a voice experience.

A joined-up approach

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There are some days where you need a little extra motivation and inspiration to remind you why you got into this business in the first place.

Whether you’ve hit a rough patch or you’re just looking to shake things up, there’s nothing like an inspirational quote to get you motivated. At Lightspeed, we’re all about helping retailers be the best they can be, which is why we’ve put together a list of our favorite inspirational quotes from some of the world’s most successful retailers, coaches and business moguls.

Read their words of wisdom and share…

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Generation Z is taking the retail industry by storm. Now a force with growing purchasing power, the financial opportunity for retailers that win them over as customers is significant.

These digital natives were born into a world with the internet, smartphones, social media and eCommerce. They’re accustomed to a hyper-connected, multi-channel world. Companies like Amazon have set the bar sky-high, and independent retailers need to match those lofty expectations.

Retailers and brands everywhere are working to get to grips with what this new generation wants. …

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Everyone knows the importance of good product photos on your website, but when it comes to finalizing a sale and getting customers to press the “buy” button, words become equally important in giving context to your images and pushing customers to buy. This is where writing a product description comes in.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a professional writer to write a great product description. You just need a thorough knowledge of your product and your customer.

These nine steps will show you how to write product descriptions that resonate with shoppers and their…

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How does the food served by restaurants affect our planet? While the restaurant industry focuses on making memorable experiences for customers, it inevitably creates a negative impact on the environment. From the emissions released during livestock production, to the water used in the food supply chain, to the food waste generated along the way, restaurants create a substantial environmental footprint.

We’ve put together this restaurant sustainability guide in honor of World Environment Day. …

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Businesses make an average of $6.50 for every 1$ they spend on influencer marketing. Whether you’re a small business operating on a shoestring budget, or a store brand with multiple locations, returns like that present a huge opportunity.

70% of teens are reported to trust influencers more than traditional celebrity endorsements, and 49% of consumers depend on influencer opinions to help make a purchasing decision. Twitter even recently stated that their users trust influencers nearly as much as their close friends.

Today, retailers and marketers are jumping on the influencer bandwagon and discovering the success…

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From hiring and onboarding to training and retention, staffing is one of the biggest challenges restaurant owners, operators and managers face today. In 2016, the restaurant industry had a 70% employee turnover rate.

One way to improve your staff retention is by first improving your onboarding and training strategy with a restaurant employee handbook, which serves as a centralized employee reference point for your restaurant’s mission, values, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and guidelines.

It gets your service, kitchen, and management staff aligned and sets the tone for a positive work culture that fosters better employee…

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