A surgery for likes — what are you ready to do to become an Instagram star?

Back in 2014 the word ‘selfie’ took over the world – officially. The Oxford Dictionary named it the word of the year. Spearheading the craze was of course Instagram – with over 50 million pictures there marked with a #selfie hashtag. And apparently people are willing to make some very radical steps to look hotter and get more likes on the hugely popular social network - like making an eye surgery.

What’s the connection? Well, if you think that your glasses make you look not just smarter but also way sexier on your IG photos – chances are this is not the case. At least according to Instagram statistics. But how much credibility do these numbers have among users? A lot, apparently. Doctors performing sight correction surgeries noticed an increase in the number of patients who sign up for the procedure out of aesthetic reasons. And according to professionals from Personal Eyes, many of those patients confessed that one of the reasons is that they look better on selfies without their glasses. Apparently social media has become the force enough to convince people to take some very serious decisions – stronger than other factors. Is it because IG users followed most. (Taylor Swift, Cara Delevigne, etc.) are not wearing glasses? According to a study by Anxiety UK the “Why don’t I look like her” question is one of the most common reasons for changes or anxiety. The research found out that active social media users often tend to negatively compare themselves to others and consequtively suffer from anxiety and low self-esteem.

For many a much-liked selfie has become the best measurement of success and a boost for self-confidence. The big question is though – should it? The bottom line is that Instagram is just another social network – no more, no less.And you don’t have to give an arm and a leg (neither figuratively nor lietrally) for the sake of getting more likes. And even if this is super-important to you, there are much easier, cheaper and risk-free ways to get more likes, followers and comments – like Like Attack. Check out this page and find out all about getting more organic likes and boosting interest in your IG page.