Ready to engage — keeping your Instagram followers active

Nov 3, 2016 · 3 min read

If you’re into Instagram business, you hard it is to get your company’s page out there. How does a new account goes from 0 to hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers? Is it big budgets? Smart SMM? Right time and place? And even when you have a solid following, how to keep comments and likes coming, keep people engaged? One thing is for sure — it’s a lot of hard work. Below is a few tips how to put your Instagram growth into the fifth gear.

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1. Quality first

You need good pictures to keep people emotionally involved. Surprize and amaze your followers, show them something they have not seen before. Of course it won’t be every photo you post, but it’s something to strive for.

If you’re struggling to pick a filter, a recent study by Canva reveals that the filter ‘Clarendon’ is potentially the best for receiving more likes! Other tips for improving the quality of your pictures include:

• Use natural light when possible.

• Avoid editing your pictures significantly.

• Try taking multiple photos, all from different angles.

• Use Instagram’s grid feature to keep your shots straight and centred.

2. Make your Account Public

It may seem obvious, but avoid following the paradigm ‘they will be more interested if it’s harder to get”. First of all — it’s not, sending a follow request is very easy and is seen as a nuisance, rather than of a way to become member of an elite club. Having a public Instagram account will make your posts visible to more people, leading to more interactivity as a result. Even if you approve new Followers almost instantly, people are impatient and a majority won’t even request to follow you. If you’re proud of the pictures you post — show them to the world!

3. People like what other people like.

Don’t underestimate psychology. Research shows that people are less inclined to subscribe to an account that is not very popular. Also, and probably more importantly, Instagram tracks the dynamics of your account — follower engagement, follower growth, etc. It means the more likes and views you get — the more likely your posts are to be featured on the Discover page and suggested to more people. So don’t shy away from kick-starting your growth with LikeAttack — our likes are the same to Instagram as if you got them organically: because we use carefully tailored algorithms to add activity to your content.

4. The Time you Post

The time you upload your picture will make a huge difference on the number of Likes and Comments you receive. According to usage and statistics, the best time to upload on Instagram is around 5pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). This makes sense, with people usually finishing school or work at around this time. Obviously you don’t have to post at exactly 5–6–7 PM, try a mixture of times until you find the best one for you.

5. Like Relevant Pictures

Don’t be an Instagram ‘Lurker’. Like and comment on pictures as frequently as you can, especially if they are related to the content you post. Many people on Instagram will be more than happy to interact with your content if you do the same for them. A good idea is to like a collection of photos from a single user, which more often than not, will cause them to return the favour and remain active on the pictures you post in the future!

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