Likeness Press Oxford book update

So how’s it going?

For the last few months I’ve been sending out lots of emails to artists in Oxford inviting them to be a part of the Likeness Press book project. Most have said yes, and lots of the cafes have also responded with enthusiastic yesses.

Recently, several Oxford Brookes Architecture students have come on board too. It’s exciting to have such a mix of artists, ages and styles involved in this project, and that so many have caught the vision.

The artists page is growing as more join (and I get the time to upload their profile!)

There are more artist slots to fill, so do send anyone interested to; the more the merrier!

I’m still waiting on some cafes to respond (with permission to be included in the book), so that is causing some hold up, but the list is growing.
If you’re a cafe and you’ve not got back to me or if this is the first you’ve heard of it, please email!

Artwork is beginning to come in, which makes this feel more real, and so brilliant with such quality work!

Things will get a bit quiet for the next few weeks as I (Hannah) am spending two weeks in the Philippines (with work) and then moving out of Oxford. Fear not, this project will still continue! And I plan to give more time (than the current squeezed-in early morning and late night emails) to it once I’ve landed in Bristol at the end of July. In August I will dedicate studio time to start designing the book and making sure people are aware of deadlines, calling up cafes for a response, looking into funding options, and thinking about a 2016 exhibition, maybe even a cafes and artists party!

Artists: while I’m away, you can email your artwork to Remember to scan in at minimum 300DPI, 600DPI if possible.

Do get in touch with any queries or greetings at
I’ll be more available from the 23rd July.

That’s all for now,

Hannah at Likeness Press.