Where is Noor Salman and the media that covered up her “disappearance”?

Where is Noor Salman? More importantly, where is the media on her overnight disappearance in the wake of her husband’s terrorist attack on the Pulse nightclub?

Three week ago today, the nation woke up to the news about the worst terrorist attack to hit U.S. soil since 9/11. The one woman who may hold answers (and who may also share responsibility for the attacks) is “missing” according to government officials and no one in the media is asking about her whereabouts. It was obvious given the facts of the case the media was going to bury this story as quickly as possible. But there is a woman missing who may be a co-conspirator and not one inquiring journalist asks about her whereabouts? What a sad state of affairs for that dying profession.

The last update on Noor Salman, second wife to Omar Mateen, was that a grand jury convened to deliberate 49 counts of being an accessory to murder, 53 counts of attempted murder, failure to notify law enforcement of a pending terrorist attack, and lying to investigators. A Google search on the update on these proceedings yields no results since June 15th. The Google search results are all the same: “Sources: Grand Jury to Investigate Noor Salman, Orlando Shooter’s Wife”. That information too is fuzzy. A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney General’s Office for the Southern District of Florida won’t comment on the proceedings or where they are taking place, however, that is not uncommon. Grand jury proceedings, especially at the federal level and for high-profile cases are sealed. At least the contents are sealed. It’s also not uncommon for the location and dates of said proceedings to be sealed. Those caveats aside, it has been three weeks since it was announced a grand jury was convened, therefore, isn’t it peculiar no one in the media thought to ask about the outcome of the grand jury proceedings?

Around the same time, the last update from federal authorities on Salman’s whereabouts was June 20th when Attorney General Loretta Lynch stated, when asked if Salman was still in the state of Florida, “I believe she was going to travel but I do not exactly know her location now”.

Pardon? Federal authorities have “lost” the wife who texted “I love you” to her husband as he was carrying out Jihad at the Pulse Nightclub. This is also the same woman who admitted she bought ammunition with him and drove him to the club to scope out the location and other details as he planned his attack. And authorities have lost track of her? Is anyone buying what they’re selling here?

It is safe to assume they know where she’s at — more than likely they have her in protective custody — so why doesn’t the public know this information? More importantly, why is no one in the media, national, and especially local media, asking the pertinent questions here whereabouts?

The local Florida papers are less than helpful on providing any information on where she may be. The Sun-Sentinel has provided no information since June 16th; the Miami Herald’s page looks similar. The Tamp Bay Time’s last update on her was also mid-June.

Even looking outside of Florida papers to the national papers is less than instructive. There’s virtually no update on her from any major paper on her since mid-June as well. Both Google and Bing confirm this.

One does not have to don a tin-foil hat to raise an eyebrow in the general direction of the federal and local authorities here. Floridians deserve to have answers on the whereabouts of the women who may be a co-conspirator to the worst terrorist attack to hit U.S. soil since 9/11.

Maybe Democrats can hold their next slumber party down in Orlando so the media can begin to properly cover this horror.

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