Road trip to Lucknow

HI. I am going to tell you about my road trip to Lucknow. It all started when one day my father’s friend, who lived in Lucknow called my father. He said why don’t you come to my house. My father replied that he will think and let him know. On that day after we all were done with our dinner, my father told us about the road trip. We all agreed. Then the date was finalized which was in Christmas vacation.

On the day of journey we had everything we needed like clothes, windcheaters and umpteen other things. We kept all the things in the boot and we started our journey.

After driving for about two hours we reached Chindwada, where we had our lunch. Then after half an hour, we resumed our journey. After driving for five hours we reached Jhansi. It was night so we started to towards the hotel which we had booked before starting our journey. When we reached there, it was so cold that when we breathe out, we could see it. We went into our room and covered ourselves with the blanket. Then we had our dinner and fell fast asleep as we all were too tired. The next day, we went to Jhansi Fort. There we saw Rani Lakshmibai’s fort. It was very big. We could see the bastions and the durbar. The guide there told us about the fort. He also told us her father’s and mother’s name and their birth date too. Then we continued our journey.

After driving for seven hours, we reached Lucknow. It was time to go to my father’s friend’s house. We all went to my father’s friend’s house. We met everyone in the family and then we all changed and had dinner. After having dinner, I, my sister and my father’s friends daughter Chiya started playing. Then we slept as we all were very tired. The next day, after having our breakfast we all went to the house terrace. We all played their and had fun. There was sunlight, so we felt warm. Then we all went to the science park. There we saw many things and saw how they worked. We saw two statues. If we say something in the statue’s mouth, we could here it on the other statue which was a little far. Then it was lunch time so we all went to a restaurant. Me, my father and uncle went to a kabab centre. There we had kabab and paratha. It was very tasty. My mother, sister, Chiya and aunt went to a restaurant where they had pizza and many more items. Then we all went home. In the evening we all went to a clothes shop. There were many types of clothes to buy like sarees, kurtas etc. We bought a beautiful salwar suit for my sister and Chiya. We bought a green kurta pajama for me. Then we went home and had our dinner. We all watched a T.V. show and then we slept. The next day we waved bye to everyone and started our return journey.

We reached Jhansi. Then we went to Orcha where we saw sound and light show. It told us about the city ‘Jhansi’. We came back to our hotel and had our dinner. We all slept. The next day we came back to Nagpur. We all had our dinner and slept. That was how we spent our Christmas vacations.

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Originally published at on February 18, 2015.

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