Finding Balance
Aaron Quint

Path to liberation is within

“The only true path to happiness is when we free ourselves from our attachment to that which we strive to attain. We have been conditioned to believe that our value is associated with achievement. We are not our things, our successes or failures, nor are we our emotions, or our thoughts. What we can accumulate externally , we can lose and as a result, experience the state of unhappiness. What we can evolve from internally helps us to become and grow and experience the wealth of happiness from merely being. Perfect is, as it exists.

If we can come to know that we are our awareness, the conscious, this is our place of knowing which leads us to happiness. When we witness, when we go to that place of awareness and recognize that we are not what we are experiencing through our senses, but rather there is another part/place in or of us that can see us experiencing this sensation and thought, and when we recognize from that place that we have a choice as to how we’re going to react, nor not react, (witness), then we experience something that is beyond our senses, beyond our thoughts. Something that is free off all of that. Mindfulness is our path to freedom from suffering, discontent, unhappiness.” PMG