Recount VS Faithless Electors Strategy

As an absolutely die hard Hillary supporter, I have been learning a lot about the Recount and the Faithless Electors. At last count, 8 Republican Electors have committed to NOT installing Donald Trump into the White House. Although 38 Faithless Electors are required to ditch Donald Trump, that is still very good news. Dumping Trump is a currently TWO track process.

  1. The Recount/Audit. 
    Until the law is changed, America votes according to the Electoral College. Period. Democrats must understand that Faithless Electors WILL NOT elect according to the Popular Vote, because that is not the current law of the land. If we want that law changed, that is a process of Legislation.
  2. The purpose of the Recount/Audit is to find out whether Donald Trump has ACTUALLY won the Electoral College. If Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania ALL flip for Hillary Clinton, she will be President via the Electoral College. Since she has also won the Popular Vote, she has a strong mandate, and can not be denied, no matter how much Trump supporters scream and shout. While it is unlikely all three states will flip, it is not impossible. There are obstacles. First, a Machine Recount only, such as that authorized in Michigan, will catch far fewer mistakes than a human recount would. If the Machine count flips for Hillary, though, it could be grounds to petition the courts for a full Audit. But time is running out quickly. In this event, it would be reasonable to petition for the Inauguration to be postponed while we “figure out what’s going on”.
  3. It is important to understand that ONLY A RECOUNT TURNOVER can install Hillary Clinton as president. Faithless Electors can not do that, and here’s why:
  4. Faithless Electors are last line of defense, and they operate under very specific rules. First, they ONLY come into play if the Recount fails, from the Democratic perspective, and Donald Trump is shown to have legitimately won the Electoral College (according the the Recount, such as it is). That means, at that point, Republicans will have won the Electoral College. There will be no last minute rally to elect #ThePeoplesPresident, despite the Electoral College.
  5. Faithless Electors
    Democratic Electors are already casting their votes for Hillary Clinton. The Electors we are asking to reject Donald Trump are Republican Electors, and by the time they really come into play, it will be AFTER it is already clear that Hillary Clinton will not be our president. This is likely the reason Hillary’s team is not appealing to them.
  6. Members of the Electoral College must ensure that a PEOTUS is 
    1) Not a demagogue (Donald Trump fails this test). 
    2) Not influenced by foreign governments (also Fail). 
    3) Is Qualified to execute the duties of the POTUS. (also Fail).
  7. Republican Electors must make this decision, since Democratic Electors will already have cast their votes for Hillary Clinton. And they are also tasked with considering that the country must come together. For this reason, they will choose a Republican that they feel Democrats can accept. This is likely to be John Kasich, who has never endorsed Trump, and who has urged the Republican Party to evolve, or die. He won actual votes in the actual General Election, and has not been marred with any obvious unsuitability issues. We don’t have to like him. But consider this:
  8. If the Electors have reason to believe that Democrats will continue to RESIST if they install Kasich instead of Trump, still bleating for Hillary Clinton after the Electoral College is already lost, THEY WILL SIMPLY INSTALL TRUMP, and with good reason.
  9. This is why, although I am a die-hard Hillary supporter, I am prepared to support Faithless Electors who put John Kasich forward, because he is not Mike Pence, not Paul Ryan, and they were never in a position to elect Hillary Clinton. I hope this is has been a helpful overview. If I have made any errors, would people please PM me, so I can make corrections? Thank you. I am new at this!