Stop Push Notifications SPAM

Yes, it’s a bout time to correctly and specifically segment your push notifications and make them a must have instead of SPAM.

Some tips:

  • Have granular settings available. User might want only one kind of pushes that your product has. If no specific setting exists and user does not see an advantage from most of them, he will probably just turn them all off.
  • An inbox inapp would be good. Disadvantage is that push might have an expiration date/time and doesn’t make sense after some time, but inbox can be smart and refresh to remove them.
  • Make the best to enrich the DB of your PNs service and target based on user info you have. Even for non logged in users… you can save things like navigation, topics seen, etc… even user location!
  • Have the correct language on pushes. This is basic but still happens.. make sure your PNs have the correct language, the one user has selected inapp.
  • Enable push grouping. I don’t want N entries for the same app on my notification panel, i want just one and expandable. If really needed to differentiate, at least group them by type or topic.
  • Actions on pushes are great. Having actions on pushes make them useful and makes me wanna keep receiving them.

A good example is e-commerce.

When user launches the app you can save the language right away and his location.

Keep registration simple, it should never be complex otherwise user might drop the process or question why the hell you need to know his gender or age. Instead, offer a voucher for a simple quiz where you will be able to get this info.

Record the products he sees and have an engine in backend analyzing the data and help you to know your customer.

You might get enough info to send a push of a product that user will love, in his favorite color and his size.

Add actions in the push to see product detail or to add it right away to the cart.

Push notifications are a very powerful tool that most of marketing teams seem to not understand. They could be an easy way to drastically increase engagement and revenue!

Last tip: always track your PNs and analyze data constantly to improve the process ☺