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Discover one of Lili’s co-founders through 3 key questions

As a former deputy COO of JP Morgan Mansart Investments (ETF, structured funds, funds of funds), Edouard Villier has 15 years of experience at JP Morgan and is now senior consultant.

I believe that we are at the beginning of a revolution within Asset Management field. Since 2016, we started to discuss with Jean-François Andro and Joseph Cordahi about this sector’s issues. We were convinced by an approach where transparency, reduction of costs, community benefit and comparison would arise. We have started to build Lili and tested our platform with students as a first step of the project to engage…

Discover the COO of Lili through 3 key questions

With 25 years of experience in Asset Management and Securities Services, Serge Balatre previously worked for Invesco AM and Société Générale in various management positions.

This project combines the Asset Management world and the Blockchain which are my passion and expertise. Being part of the team is a great challenge confronting our views and ideas to develop this project.

My role is to work on the blockchain development and the business development of the platform.

I see Lili as THE marketplace that will be used by a large community. …

Discover the CEO of Lili through 3 key questions

With 30 years of experience in IT for Banks & Asset Managers, Jean-François Andro is founder of 3 financial software companies delivering front and middle office toolchains (20+ references in AM).

Asset Management is an industry under imminent disruption that I know well enough for having delivered management solutions for over 15 years. This industry has not yet made its digital transformation and must reinvent some of its models to increase the level of customer satisfaction and to support the increasing regulatory pressure. The market is waiting for new solutions, in terms of new technologies and new business models. …

Jean-Baptiste Dezard — Strategy, Marketing and Developement expert for technology and advisory companies

There are many reasons why people become advisors. Given the heated discussion around these operations, I think it is useful to explain my role in the Lili project.

First and foremost, I do not take any payment from the team. This is currently a pro bono work. The only reward might be a few tokens from the platform, for what they are worth. In any case, I will put these tokens in escrow on a duration similar to what the founders are doing (2 years), to ensure…

Blockchain based marketplace projects are recently booming and aim to positively disrupt the current economic paradigm of centralized platforms by involving more parties and reducing the need of trust party in the equation.

In this context utility tokens are emerging and are basically used as a mean of payment for specific services rendered within these new ecosystems. The success of such platform would mainly depend on the volume of transactions performed and the incentive market players would have to onboard.

One recurring concern from market players is the accounting and tax treatment in the cryptoworld.

How to book Tokens received in exchange of services in the financial accounts and how to treat them from a…

Presale details and next steps regarding full registration and KYC.

Hello everyone!

we are pleased to welcome you in our community, you will find below all you need to know to participate in our presale event!

Join the presale event on June 22nd 2018

Our presale will start on June, 22nd at noon UTC and close on July 20th at noon UTC.

The crowdsale is planned in September 2018.

To participate in the Lili token presale, you must be fully registered. You must complete our KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) processes to be whitelisted.

Those who passed the whitelisting process will get an email…

« Surveys and studies show that 86% of consumers indicate personalization plays a significant role in their purchasing decisions »

The world of finance is a conservative one and usually starts to implement new technologies long after other economic sectors, like tech or e-commerce, have mastered them. I remember going two years ago to a meetup hosted by a major financial institution to hear them talk proudly about their new Proof Of Concept using machine learning (ML), which was able to perform a classification task that all ML manuals teach in their first lesson. …

Have you ever experienced this long-lasting process of personal data registration while opening a bank account, or underwriting an insurance policy, or switching from a financial advisor to another one? This typically implies inputting lots of information for banks, insurers and asset-managers to get to know you. And unfortunately, it’s usually repeated each and every time you deal with a new company.

You’ll get required to disclose your name, address, age, income, wealth, etc. plus proof of all these elements together with a copy of your ID card, telephone invoice for your address and more.

Of course, these requests are…

In the Wealth Management industry, blockchain has triggered all passions for about two years. This disrupting technology is qualified in many articles and posts as a major revolution in a highly intermediated sector, where commissions are everywhere.

Numerous articles try to better explain and understand these excitements and anxieties; such as the one conducted in January 2018 for the Financial Times, which revealed that a whopping three quarters of the value created by your savings were consumed in distribution and management fees.

With significant investments done by the main asset managers all over the world, there is no doubt that…


Lili is a blockchain marketplace enabling investors seeking tailored financial strategies to search, compare and replicate advisors' allocations

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