Meet Edouard Villier, Lili’s co-founder

Discover one of Lili’s co-founders through 3 key questions

2 min readJul 2, 2018


As a former deputy COO of JP Morgan Mansart Investments (ETF, structured funds, funds of funds), Edouard Villier has 15 years of experience at JP Morgan and is now senior consultant.

Why did you choose to join Lili team?

I believe that we are at the beginning of a revolution within Asset Management field. Since 2016, we started to discuss with Jean-François Andro and Joseph Cordahi about this sector’s issues. We were convinced by an approach where transparency, reduction of costs, community benefit and comparison would arise. We have started to build Lili and tested our platform with students as a first step of the project to engage them as our community. Adding Blockchain on the top of this project allows us to securize and provide direct relation and remuneration addressing regulatory issues that the sector is experiencing. Then, I believe that all components are reunited to make it a success.

What is your role to support the development of this project?

My role is to make this championship axis a continous success ensuring visibility, attractivity, credibility and development of the community. Additionally, I deploy strategic partnerships to set Lili’s ecosystem.

What is your dream for Lili?

I dream that LILI becomes the “place to be” that will disrupt the Asset Management sector where:

  • fees will be low
  • transparency will be reality
  • consumer takes over the power to decide what is best for him thanks to the community

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