Meet Jean-François Andro, Lili CEO

Discover the CEO of Lili through 3 key questions

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With 30 years of experience in IT for Banks & Asset Managers, Jean-François Andro is founder of 3 financial software companies delivering front and middle office toolchains (20+ references in AM).

Why did you choose to launch Lili?

Asset Management is an industry under imminent disruption that I know well enough for having delivered management solutions for over 15 years. This industry has not yet made its digital transformation and must reinvent some of its models to increase the level of customer satisfaction and to support the increasing regulatory pressure. The market is waiting for new solutions, in terms of new technologies and new business models. Lili is one of these amazing challenges with a new vision gathering IT, legal and business skills.

What is your role to support the development of this project?

I have a technical and business architect role in this project. I am in charge of the roadmap and all the administrative and financial parts of Lili.

What is your dream for Lili?

First, I wish that Lili will be the premium channel enabling a high level of trust between individuals and experts in wealth management. Secondly, I hope that Lili will be appreciated as the gallery where the best advice and the best advisors are shared and displayed on the top. Finally, I dream Lili as the first blockchain program where online services are connected to the real life, resolving current problems shared by the users of this decentralized network.

Lili, the Marketplace for your savings

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Lili is a blockchain marketplace enabling investors seeking tailored financial strategies to search, compare and replicate advisors' allocations https://lili.am

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