Meet Serge Balatre, Lili COO

Discover the COO of Lili through 3 key questions

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With 25 years of experience in Asset Management and Securities Services, Serge Balatre previously worked for Invesco AM and Société Générale in various management positions.

Why did you choose to join Lili team?

This project combines the Asset Management world and the Blockchain which are my passion and expertise. Being part of the team is a great challenge confronting our views and ideas to develop this project.

What is your role to support the development of this project?

My role is to work on the blockchain development and the business development of the platform.

What is your dream for Lili?

I see Lili as THE marketplace that will be used by a large community. The transparency of the data provided will lead to a new way of investing in financial models.

Lili, the Marketplace for your savings

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Lili is a blockchain marketplace enabling investors seeking tailored financial strategies to search, compare and replicate advisors' allocations https://lili.am

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