Finding the Right Design Layout for Your Client

For those who specialize in web design, web development, and graphic design, selling your clients on the design layout you create is paramount to the success of your business. This is because even when your clients have specific ideas, they are not the experts you are when it comes to creating the design layouts that work best for their needs.

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In order to become the best web design London/UK firm, you will need to know how to find the right design layout that not only reflects your client’s wishes, but is something that they approve of because of your skills in selling the design.

Lay Out a Parameter
Here, you can tell your client the parameters of your service in order to give them an idea of the boundaries that exist. An “anything goes” approach often causes more confusion and takes away the focus that your client might have. So, show them a few design layouts, explain your services, and provide them with what you can do so they can take that information and use it appropriately.

You’ll want to ask what the design they want will achieve for them in the next three months, six months, a year or longer. This is a very important question because quite often a client is looking to achieve something specific that they may not be able to put into words. By asking them what they want their new design layout to do, you can get a more concrete answer that will help put you in the right direction.

First and foremost, listen to your client and write down all of what they want in terms of the design layout. This is the most important step because all too often clients may have a general idea or direction they want to pursue, but they do not have much in the way concrete that you can base a good design layout. So, you will need to take down their ideas and not interrupt them with your own until they can get out what they want as best they can.

Here, you refer to the ideas that your client has told you and then make suggestions based on them. You will want to link directly to the ideas that they have told you and provide for them a design layout which matches that as close as possible. The good news here is that you can show your flexibility in interpreting their ideas into something that will help them achieve their goals which is what they really want.

Be Confident
Here, you will present your ideas that are based on what your client wants. You will need to be confident in your presentation and use the very goals your client states as why this particular layout will work best for their needs. You will need to back that up with good arguments over how such designs have worked before and how it can work for them today.

The web design, web development, and graphic design freelancers and firms that use these five points can find the right design layout for their customers time and time again.

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