When we think of depression or hear about someone cutting themselves some people think omg that person is crazy but there not we all have our own story and we either choose to share it or we just keep to ourselves, but the truth is I consider people like this, with mental illness or with bad depression, even people that self harm I consider them broken. I myself am broken but I need people to know it doesn’t mean we are incapable. We Are perfectly capable of anything just because we suffer emotionally doesn’t mean we can do things others can-we are just as talented as others so recently I’ve figured out what makes me happy and that’s making others feel like their not alone in this world so… I have created a blog for people that need inspiration and a helping hand in there life so if anyone checks it out it’s lilwrawraslife.wordpress.com

I’m also found on Google+ known as Mariah Loera

I can help

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