Love Will Be the Death of Us
Ian MacKenzie

Ian, getting past the intro paragraph, I was held fast to your story … the pain of trying to conceive and the process… the need, desire, and ultimate negative affect of infidelity (both emotional and physical infidelity) on partners and a relationship… the compromises of self that lovers make because of their love for the other, like Katherine did for you agreeing to an open relationship… the other options to building family that you didn’t mention (because perhaps you and Katherine did discuss them)… the mention of societal and cultural norms of monogamy being unrealistic, when the mention of this seemed to be a reason/excuse to choose infidelity…

You seem to share honestly in your writing and I definitely felt your pain and Katherine’s, too. Having been in a long term relationship with trouble conceiving and infidelity, I related to a good deal that you shared and my heart pinched… our relationship ended, too.

Happy for you both, especially Katherine, that you two could be open and honest and end your relationship on seemingly good terms.

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