Tell Me More About How Much You Hate Millennials, You Old Fart
Ellie Guzman

Oh, honey. I’m one of those old white people you hate. But I love you — so much so that I subscribe to your site and send your writing around to my Mesozoic friends.

It’s heartbreaking and horrible that you haven’t found work. And you know what? Lots of things in life are heartbreaking, and they happen to old people too (in fact, all the time.)

Don’t waste your anger hating me. For one thing, it hurts my feelings. But more importantly, keep using it to fuel your writing.

Girl, you’re not a waitress, you’re a Writer. I used to edit a national magazine (print — this was the stone age) and read hundreds of unsolicited queries every month. That’s how I know that a voice like yours is a rare thing.

Keep writing, keep writing, keep writing.

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