How to Motivate Your Friends for Taking Belly Dance Class

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Motivating your friends to take some belly dance lessons shouldn’t at all be difficult, unless they’re used to being a couch potato — more often sitting down by choice and not just because their work involves hours of sitting. Here, we’ll give you the best tips we know on how to boost their motivation to do this challenging but beneficial workout. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Upright posture is the new sexy.

Tell your friends this: Having the right posture will boost your confidence and the people around you will also think of the same thing. Perhaps your friends have heard of the lines, “Stomach in, chest out, shoulders back.” Doing this repetitively shouldn’t feel like torture. Why? They should also be informed that good posture reduces back pain. So if they’re often complaining that their back hurts, it’s time to do some belly dancing! Singapore has the best studios and the ideal music for some hip circles and shimmies. Keep in mind that confidence is sexy!

2. Lose weight whilst they’re at it.

Women who want to lose weight would attend a series of belly dance classes in Singapore. If belly dancing becomes their core exercise, they’d be able to burn the butter and all the calories from their morning toast. Although it’s not just about losing weight, but also about gaining muscles. They’ll become more noticeable and slender. Friends, belly dancing can trim away the excess fat and develop a stunning bod.

3. It literally reduces tension caused by stress.

Belly dancing can help your friends feel stress-free. Other than feeling confident and powerful whilst losing weight, they would also be able to let go of stress. Traditional belly dancing, for instance, will help them concentrate on the hip movements as they have to control it from their core or abdominal muscles. In a sense, it’s relaxing because all they need to focus on is the present moment — not the “previous” or the “later”.

Belly dancing can be quite difficult because your friends would need to exert their arm, belly, shoulder, back, and leg muscles whilst dancing. But that’s the point — doing these things at once and forgetting the stressful situations that occurred during the day and could happen in the future.

4. Pro and non-pro belly dancers have better digestion than most of us.

Whether your friends believe it or not, belly dancing aid healthy digestion. The core muscles would massage the internal organs present in the abdominal area, which give way to better digestion. As the core strengthens or become thinner, the more these muscles can protect the spine whilst activated.

5. Big arms no more!

If your friends have office work wherein they sit for hours on end, they’re more likely to accumulate fat in the arm region. Belly dancing although it focuses on the belly, makes great use of the arms. To exert a lot of effort in the muscles they don’t normally use would test their endurance but it would surely make their arms slimmer.

Motivate them using these key benefits and they’d surely get off the couch. Your role as a motivator wouldn’t be easy, however they need your support in doing this. Friendship is also about taking care of each other and altering the things that would consequently do more harm than good. Help them change their couch potato or sedentary lifestyle and take belly dance workouts — together.

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