Heroku, Azure, Parse API Cloud Services Infrastructure Confused you ? Let’s talk On ! [Widle Studio]

There can be no doubt revealing the fact that cloud infrastructure services have been proved to be a complete game changer in the field of information technology, from the small scale enterprises to the huge organizations. Be it efficiency, scalability, flexibility or rapid computing services, cloud has got ample number of advantages to give and in a way, one can say that it sets a foundation for any enterprise to develop and establish its business well. Rackspace, Amazon web services, Azure, Heroku development and there are dozens of cloud service providers which provides a basic set of features to build and run an application.

Now the confusion arises when the people are unable to determine which cloud services to choose and which one would yield fruitful results for their business. The simple perception behind availing these services is, “obtaining more in less” as they are envisaged as most suitable if one is spearheading towards business agility. Rapidly changing technology has opened up innumerable dimensions by which one can develop business on the internet as Bill Gates holds it true when he says, “if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” This blog is a profound discussion on cloud infrastructure services and which one to go for, in order to build a successful business.

On examining the reviews of the Chiefs of various technology companies who have already availed the benefits of these services, it has been predicted that there is no particular ‘winner’. This is due to the fact that one has to deploy different options in different scenarios and each comes with a set of its own limitations.

Primarily, talking about azure development services, although it is not considered as a cost effective option as compared to the other cloud service providers, it serves as an essentially good support for various platforms like Java,Ruby and PHP. Moreover, it also provides API’s build on HTML, REST and XML.

It is an extremely flexible cloud computing platform that permits not merely applications building on cloud but also deploying and managing them well. Just like Rackspace and Amazon web services which are IaaS platforms, it supports many programming languages and both Microsoft languages as well as technologies to help business aspirants concentrate more on developing their business well without putting unnecessary concerns on operational disruptions.

An estimation shows that Azure generates about $19 billion of annual revenue and processes about 5 billion authentications per week.

To determine whether a particular service provider can prove to be beneficial for establishing any business well, there are some things to take into consideration:

  1. Primarily, it is about whether the service has something new and innovative to offer and is perfectly compatible with the needs of the developers.
  2. Secondly, it is about profits and positive outcome. Do the developers find the services beneficial and have these services helped in accelerating development? Moreover, it is about whether rise in revenues are shown or not.
  3. The developers as well as the clients, today look for platforms that eases the task of development as well as accelerates it. Therefore, it is important to note that it eliminates the gap between various platforms so that developing applications becomes as simple and rapid on different operating systems and platforms.
  4. Next, the point to ponder upon is, whether the services accomplish the expectations of the near future. This implies that whether it is scalable or not. Not only, does it fulfill the present demands but also move forward to think of future as well.

Based on these 4 observations, an estimation coherently depicts that Windows Azure development services were liked by about 75% of the developers community. They all have positive outlook towards it and has been in the top list of recommendations along with GitHub and Heroku development services. And if one talks about heroku, it has been preferred by over 92% of developers with a positive perspective on it.

Heroku development

can also prove to be of much benefit for any business development as this PaaS (platform as a service) helps to deploy, run and manage applications which are written in various languages like Node.js, Java, PHP, Python, Scala. Moreover, fulfilling the last point, it is extensible as it adds many technologies to its suite of tools and services. Another study has revealed the fact that by deploying heroku, they would be able to cut their TCO by 54% and can maximize their profits.

Going down a bit, then Parse API has been recommended by 70%of the developers community. It is developing at a faster pace and is always making endeavors to push its limits so as to accommodate something new and making it innovative.

It’s easy to understand functionality makes it a wider choice among the developers. Like Kinvey, it is another appropriate Mobile Backend as a service provider but there are some opinions saying that if one encounters any problem, the answers will be received but they would be minimalistic. However, for tasks like server management or launching a mobile or a web app becomes all the more easy with parse development api.

Not merely this, if one makes a comparison between Amazon EC2 and parse api, then the latter would prove to be more appropriate and the significant reason is security issues.

If a server crashes due to some operating system update, you would feel like stuck somewhere, if you are relying upon Amazon EC2 services.

While, in the case with the latter, although it can cost you a bit, but this mobile BaaS platform will lend you a support in such a situation and will take full responsibility of your data.

Now is the time to arrive at a conclusion. After having a deep discussion on the various cloud services, it is clear that one cannot specify a particular cloud infrastructure service as ‘leading’. It is just because every service provider has something different to offer and they work in different scenarios. Therefore, before deciding on which one to choose, it is important to look deep into one’s own needs and that right decision can help you reach success.