One Indian Blogger ! Step Ahead with the World Blogger’s.

One Indian Blogger ! Step Ahead with the World Blogger’s.

Today I am going to start my career with blogging lots of search and research’s I decided to moved on developer to blogger. One thing I learned from One Indian Blogger that do not leave your passion for development something but just use this on right way. Yes I am going to follows AMIT AGRAWAL blogger who do blogging since 2004. His work featured on top magazines and news channel’s. Today I loved yo share some best tools he do for developer and blogger to do their work easily no worry about code.

1. Secure Password.

In this plugin you can create your best and secured password for your social and personal accounts. In this tool you have to give USERNAME, WEBDOMAIN, PASSWORD LENGTH, SECRET KEY and that’s it they gives you best unbreakable strong password.

Here is link which helps you to create strong password —


Web Screenshot helps you to take full screen captured in image. In that you have to do is that just take webpage URL and paste it that’s it guy’s you done captured also done you can download your webpage image.

Here is link which helps you to create image from your webpage URL —

3. Embed Instagram.

This is the cool script which I found that you can do just copy URL of Image or Video which you like on Instagram and embed in your website or anywhere else.

Here is link which helps you to Embed Instagram Photo or Video —

I loved to sharing so I wrote those tool’s which really helps me to solved my problem you also can see their website over their too much tool are helpful to you just go and check it out.

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