LimeJuice Makes Major Investment in Blockchain Based Fan Experience Platform “KLOUT”

Apr 11 · 3 min read

How would you use your KLOUT? If you could make the world a better place by using your influence, your name and a small part of your time, would you?

As you have heard tonight, Greg Zinone is embarking on a journey to harness the KLOUT of the many athletes, influencers, gamers and celebrities he’s connected with over his last dozen years in the Esports industry. Teaming up with LimeJuice Blockchain Gaming & DApps as the exclusive pre-ICO investor in the project, Greg Zinone will bring a new, blockchain based, fan experience and digital asset raffle platform to life.

The aptly named platform, KLOUT, will allow users to purchase entries to win unique and amazing fan experiences and one of a kind digital memorabilia.

Imagine being able to win a fan experience in which you visit your favorite NFL team at their stadium, have lunch and play Madden with players you cheer for on Sundays.

Or perhaps you and a friend could have a meet and greet with a well known recording artist in their studio, play some Fortnite and record a track to take home.

Maybe you would like to win an experience to have a professional esports team visit your child’s birthday party and play Gears of War against his or her friends.

Who knows? Perhaps, in time, a user will be able to win an experience to have lunch with Justin Sun himself to talk business and the blockchain universe.

All of these experiences could be possible and many others.

What would you bid on the exact Fortnite skin used to win the Fortnite World Cup? In this day and age, these items have become the “game worn jerseys” of memorabilia collecting.

You may be asking how these items will be obtained, and that is the right question.

As is Greg’s mission in nearly everything in life, KLOUT will be primarily about charitable contribution and using his KLOUT to obtain these experiences and digital assets to further the causes of those who donate.

70% of proceeds from every prize drawing will be given to the cause chosen by the contributor. All auctions will be shown with the information on precisely which charitable organization will benefit from each drawing.

The process has already begun to secure the first set of fan experiences and digital assets and the platform will see work begin this quarter.

Greg will be traveling to meet personally with organizations and individuals to discuss and we will document his travels. We hope you will be as excited as we are to keep you up to speed with KLOUT.

For those of you who are holders of TKG, PRO and MGG, your tokens will be redeemable for the tokens used to power the KLOUT platform. They will also be redeemable during the ICO and pre-sale. We believe this will be a massive use case and we thank all of you for holding onto those tokens and remaining patient.

More information will come next week, including information on Greg’s visit with two very well known organizations in New York City.

LimeJuice is incredibly excited to be the Exclusive Pre-ICO investor in KLOUT and we look forward to making this project a major success!


The LimeJuice Team

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