How to: motion activated night light

… with SmartThings & Hue

For me it’s the simple things that truly feel like magic when it comes to smart homes and home automation.

One incredibly simple thing I have setup is motion activated lights at night. Once my home is in ‘Night’ mode the living room light comes on automatically as soon as someone enters the room.

This is great for those times you go to bed then realise you want a glass of water and it never fails to put a smile on my face.


  • Smart Bulb (Hue, LIFX or WeMo Smart LED)
  • A supported Motion Sensor
  • SmartThings


  1. Install the SmartApp “Smart Lighting”
  2. Select the bulb(s) and motion sensor
  3. Set “Only when mode is” to “Night”
  4. Enjoy!
Screenshots of my exact settings


  1. If you have the bulbs for it and fancy taking this one step further you can configure the options to set the bulb brightness and colour. One nice touch would be to set the bulb to a dim red as this is easier on your eyes in the middle of the night.
  2. You can setup the “Good Night!” routine (which puts SmartThings into the “Night” mode) to run automatically. In a coming post I’ll share exactly how I’ve configured this.

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