Getting Over Uber
Susan Crawford

I think you have to take Uber on a city basis. New York taxis were plentiful and reasonably priced however when was the last time you were in London. Our iconic Black cabs are 300%, that’s not typo more expensive from the Heathrow to Zone 1. Uber has expanded the market massively. Also I find it insulting that the protests are about protecting the public, the arguments made are offensive, according to Uber’s opponents everyone who might drive for living is a rapist and/or murderer unless of course they have medallion. Ultimately, the equity you seek, will come when driverless Uber turns up and make personal point-to-point transport affordable for everyone, no more driving, no more burning money on a car that is stationary 95% of the time, no more dealing with insurance companies, I for one can’t wait for that time to arrive, anybody who can bring that forward has my support.

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