Nobody thinks they’re a villain, and I don’t believe in evil.
Parker Molloy

I’m a bit partial to Jesus’ “Own Your Own Shit” take on things and wish it had caught on a little more. What’s that Solnetzhiyn quote about good and evil running right through the centre of every person? How cool if we all owned our own shit more (although I don’t know how easily that can roll if your storyline is the god sending people to hell model. Then you need to suppress all your shit and then who knows of 7 billiom suppressions doesn’t end up slithering down into the collective consciousness where it erupts into volcanoes. Or something.)

On the other hand, can’t there be room for allowing people their conscience as well? If you believe something is bad and the god you worship is all onto it and therefore it’s conscience-affecting to you, shouldn’t you have that right of refusal even though to me your behaviour is total twatty? I dunno …

Anyway, thoughtful piece, and you squeezed Tennant and Mitchell in there as well. Yay!

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