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This project has a Node Decay Feature which seems like a promising solution, we’ll have to see whether it’s truly effective at tackling the issue of sustainability.

Pirate Nodes P2E Game Preview

The other factor that made me pay attention to this protocol was when they revealed a preview on the Play-2-Earn game they’re planning to develop. It looks different from the usual Stake-2-Earn Model we see frequently, with strategy and skill-based positioning which caught my eye.

Join their Discord here for the latest news & announcements regarding launch details.

Introducing Pirate Nodes

Pirate Nodes is an innovative Nodes-as-a-Service (NaaS) and Defi-as-a-Service (DaaS) protocol operating on the Avalanche chain.

Sustainability has proven to be a clear issue for protocols to combat, many with failed launches that either rug or face tough issues down the road. As seen in the roadmap, there is a clear approach as to how they will achieve sustainability.

On top of that, they are aiming to release use cases for the $DOUB token and project just 1 month after release of our Dapp. An actual fun, skill based, P2E game that will reward Pirates.

Nodes & Tiers

  • Tier 4 Rowboat costs 1 $DOUB with a 0.74% ROI/day
  • Tier 3 Sloop costs 3$DOUB with a 0.95% ROI/day
  • Tier 2 Brigantine costs 6 $DOUB with a 1.21% ROI/day
  • Tier 1 Galleon costs 40 $DOUB with a 1.60% ROI/day


Upon node creation, 0 tokens will be sent to the Developer/Marketing wallet. This is to prevent further sell pressure of the token that is not necessary for the team to take.

Tokens sent to the treasury will not instantly be sold, they will be used to form partnerships as well as selling them, if the protocol see’s it to be necessary.

  • 80% to the Rewards Pool
  • 12.5% to the Treasury
  • 7.5% to the Liquidity Pool (LP)

Monthly Fees

Monthly fees will be used to generate income for the treasury and the developer/marketing wallets. The monthly fees are determined by:

If the monthly fee isn’t paid by the due date, the node will go offline and stop earning rewards. If the monthly fee is not paid within 45 days of the node going offline, your node will sink and disappear.

Merging of Nodes

Pirate Nodes will allow you the ability to merge lower tier nodes to form one larger level node. The nodes used for the upgrade will be burned in the process.

Below lays out the costs and amount of Nodes needed for each tier upgrade:

  • Rowboats upgraded to Sloop
    3 x Rowboats + 0.44 $DOUB
  • Sloop to Brigantine
    2 x Sloops + 1.14 $DOUB
  • Brigantine to Galleon
    7 x Brigantines + 10.15 $DOUB

Node Decay

Each ship has a lifetime in which they will be able to sail the seas to produce daily rewards; after which they become shipwrecked.

Once a Rowboat, Sloop or Brigantine becomes shipwrecked, the node will decay into a shipwrecked node, this will still produce daily returns but at a reduced rate.

Those mighty pirates sailing aboard the Galleon will be able to escape this shipwreck by seeking refuge on their vessel’s Rowboat. Upon this event, the Galleon will decay into a Rowboat node.

Taxes / Fees

Sell Tax: 0%

Transfer Tax: 0%

Merge Tax/Merger Fee:

Rowboat to Sloop = 0.4416 $DOUB

Sloop to Brigantine = 1.1424 $DOUB

Brigantine to Galleon = 10.15392 $DOUB

NFT Chests

  • Captain’s Chest — 2500
    Reward Boost = x1.05
    10% Merger fee discount
    Free Rowboat Node (Tier 4) airdropped at launch
    Whitelist access to Pirate Ships NFT game
  • Skeleton’s Chest — 1350
    Reward Boost = x1.1
    15% Merger fee discount
    Free Sloop Node (Tier 3) airdropped at launch
    Whitelist access to Pirate Ships NFT game
  • Siren’s Chest — 650
    Reward Boost = x1.15
    20% Merger fee discount
    Free Brigantine Node (Tier 2) airdropped at launch
    Whitelist access to Pirate Ships NFT game
  • Poseidon’s Chest — 500
    Reward Boost = x1.2
    25% Merger fee discount
    Free Galleon Node (Tier 1) airdropped at launch
    Whitelist access to Pirate Ships NFT game

NFT Chest Mint Details

  • Public sale:
    31 Mar 2022
    1 mint per transaction
    Max of 5 NFTs per wallet
    Revealed upon mint
  • Whitelist sale:
    30 Mar 2022
    24 hours to mint until public sale
    All leftover mints from whitelist allocation will be available in public mint
    2 reserved NFT mints during whitelist sale
    Revealed upon mint

Play-2-Earn Game (P2E)

Pirate Nodes will be releasing a Battleships style game called ‘Pirate Ships’. This is a strategic game where Pirates will be able to play against each other for tokens, or even enter tournaments to try and win a large sum of $DOUB.

The game will release around mid May.

Within the game, users will be able to mint their own Pirates, method and price are to be announced. Each Pirate will have select abilities that you can essentially main to match your strategy for Pirate Ships. Some may be stronger than others but it will all tie into strategy and how you choose to utilize your Pirate.

The board will be randomized with different formations of blocks to keep things interesting. The games will be played in a best of 3 format and best of 5 format for higher tier games to eliminate the randomness of wins and further strategy to be implemented.

The Team

  • Founder — Sheldon Tweedie
    Founder of the project is Sheldon Tweedie. Fully doxxed and have been for over 5 years across various YouTube channels and social media.
  • Lead Developer — Sam Thompson
  • dApp Development — Devwiz
    Devwiz is a software development agency specialising in web applications and blockchain development. They are handling the development of the dApp and website, including the UI/UX design, full-stack development and on-chain interactions.
  • Legal — Cadena Legal
    Cadena Legal is a specialist tax and legal firm for crypto projects. They are handling the legal matters for Pirate Nodes to ensure that the project is in safe hands.


  • Founder is a fully doxxed Youtuber — Sheldon Tweedie
  • Liquidity Locked for 1 Year
  • Multi-Sig with 3 Team Members, with community elected members in the future

Once again, Thank you for reading so far! :)

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