Limousine Service In Washington DC — Top 5 Must-See Attractions In Washington DC

Washington DC is the capital city of the United States of America, A prestigious popular destination around the world. However, the city stands out the home to loads of renowned museums and interesting neighborhoods as well as an explosion of cafes, restaurants, boutiques and clubs. In short and simple words, Washington DC is transitioning into a thriving year-round tourist hub.

If you are planning a visit in this city, you will only need a few days to see the city like you know it from your history book, but it could take months to experience the Washington that locals know and love!

To help you out, we’ve narrowed down a few must-see attractions to sightsee in Washington DC:

1. Lincoln Memorial –
 Lincoln Memorial is the legendary structure of one of the greatest presidents of all-time in the USA. But it’s quite hard to imagine that it’s looking much different; but there were some wild designs proposed by architects earlier, including a Mayan-style temple and a pyramid.

2. The Washington Monument –
 Even if you’re on a short trip, visiting the Washington Monument is a must for any first-time DC visitor. The monument is around 555 feet and 5 inches and considered as the tallest structure around the world. Currently, you can ride through one of the glass-encased elevators to the top observation deck of the monument to experience the 360-degree views of the Washington DC.

3. The White House –
 If you will go north to the Washington Monument, you will reach the White House — the home to every US. President. However, the White House is now the most famous homestead in America. If you want to visit this building, you will get an opportunity to visit the State Floor — comprising of the East Room, the Green Room and the Blue Room.

4. Arlington National Cemetery –
 Arlington National Cemetery is a famous site and one of the only National Cemetery that accommodates the fallen troops from each branch in the US history since the Revolution.

5. The Smithsonian Museums –
 There is a huge availability of different Smithsonian museums around the DC metro area — publicized by the National Museum of Natural History. Each and every Smithsonian museum in the DC area is absolutely free.

Conclusion –
 There is no shortage of sightseeing attractions in Washington DC. If you want to see all of these attractions, you should be active and efficient. First of all, you should narrow down among the above choices you want to see. Just plan your route and figure out how you’re going to get from a site to another!

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