Self-Love: The answer is YOU

You asked me once what I meant by self love. This is what I have come to know as self-love:

Self love is knowing that there is no one in the world who can love you, understand you, take care of you the way that you do.

Self love is imagining the time that you have loved someone so much, loved embracing them, admired them, had compassion for them, wished them the absolutely best in life, fortune, love, happiness, health and then having those same feelings towards yourself.

Self love is knowing that all of the answers to life are inside of you, through the gift of God, love talks through you, knowing how to listen to that voice and knowing that at your very essence what you are is Love.

Being your own best friend, being kind to yourself, thinking of yourself as one sexy, powerful, kind, woman. YOU are the person of your dreams. That is self love. You cannot love anyone else unless you really love yourself. Love for others then becomes a reflection of love that emanates from the beautiful feeling that you are divine, and that you are connected to everyone around you.

Therein lies the tools to have everything else in life flow in your favor.

You have the answers. The answer is you.

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