My approach to developing a new product feature for Instagram

Instagram is a great product. I use it quite often myself. It lets you share stories of your life with friends and the world. But sometimes, it is pretty challenging to just use one photo to tell a compelling story. No wonder a Google search for “how to create collages on Instagram” returns over 9 million results.

This is the prototype and I will explain how I got there ☺


I noticed that many Instagram users post photo collages—pictures with multiple different photographs arranged in an artful way, often telling a little story. But, to get these…

A Guerilla Usability Test on Spotify Web App

I’m a big indie music fan and I use Spotify everyday. It provides the soundtrack to my heart. But, just like any great product, there is still room for improvement. A quick usability test reveals that people run into critical issues using some Spotify features.

“I have a love/hate relationship with Spotify.” — Tweet This


Identify the pain points of finding, organizing and sharing music within Spotify web application on the desktop.

Current Spotify web application landing page user interface (as of May 24th, 2014)

What: Spotify web app.

Who: Eight existing Spotify users who listen to music everyday (not necessarily using Spotify).

Where: San Francisco

Participant selection:

I created a…

Lin Wang

Product Designer at Lyft. @linafab. I like rock-climbing, yoga, Swift, indie music. I solve problems.

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