Why You Should Be Mentoring Vs. Disempowering the Young Woman In the Room

In 2015, Pew Research found that Millennials surpassed GenX-ers and became the largest group in the U.S. workforce. A 2015 workplace trends study also found that 91% of Millennials aspire to be leaders. In fact, many already are. Notable names like Mark Zuckerburg and Elaine Welteroth and Michelle Pham might come to mind when thinking of Millennials taking the lead. Companies like Stripe, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and more, may come to mind when thinking of companies founded by millennials. …

How To Create An Inclusive Company Culture, Plus Wellness Tips From A Busy Global Executive

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Valerie Love, Head of Human Resources for Johnson & Johnson Enterprise Functions, with colleagues

Valerie Love, currently the Head of Human Resources for Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Enterprise Functions, had just done the “big chop” when she was called in to interview for her first role at the company several years ago. She was nervous at first and received mixed reviews from her circle about how her hair would impact her professional growth. When she walked in the door to interview, her hair was complimented and embraced. “It was like a load lifted,” Valerie recalls, “knowing she wasn’t going to get distracted by my outward appearance, and wanted to know what I’m going to…

How Black Women At Work Find Success, Even When Microaggressions Threaten Our Sanity.

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Yesterday, #BlackWomenAtWork started trending after Brittany Packnett encouraged Black women to tell their stories in response to Congresswoman Maxine Waters receiving a rude comment about her hair while she was speaking about policy issues. The stories shared were those of microaggressions, discomfort, isolation, and at times, blatant disrespect. While most black women are quiet about these experiences, the outrage over Maxine Waters’ experience encouraged women to speak up about their own. Suddenly, we found solidarity in the encounters that result from a corporate workforce that is just far too homogenous, where “diversity” remains an issue.

So if you haven’t yet…

On Entrepreneurship, Sisterhood, and the Strength in Black Women

We now have data to support that exposure to entrepreneurship influences a person’s chance of pursuing that path. The Kauffman Foundation found that “before starting a business, more than half of all business owners had a family member who was self-employed, people who know entrepreneurs are more likely to become entrepreneurs, and that nearly a quarter of all entrepreneurs worked in a family business before acquiring it or starting one of their own.”

The Foundation also found that people of color having experienced lower rates of entrepreneurship in the past has an impact on our entrepreneurial aspirations today. In spite…

Breaking the habit of wearing a uniform.

Like 20 million other Americans, I love House of Cards. At the end of each season, I anxiously wait for the next date to be announced. Finally last month, the new season was announced and I am hanging tight until May 30th.

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Part of what makes the show worth watching for me is Claire. Chic, eloquent, and always prepared with the right comeback, threat, or tactic for a negotiation, Claire in so many ways embodies the type of woman many of us working our way up the corporate ladder are seeking to be — unshakable, unstoppable, and respected. …

How half marathon running boosts your career

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In the last few years, I’ve run more half-marathons than I can keep track of. I started long distance running later in life. After failed attempts at Division 1 sprinting in college, I decided to give long distance a try while I was in grad school. At the time, long distance for me meant about a mile, and for some time one mile was a struggle. Gradually, that single mile became easier and I didn’t feel complete unless it was followed by several more. …

A Chat With Expert Ramon Ray Helps Identify Early Learnings

A little over 1.5 years ago, I jumped out of my comfort zone and embarked on a thrilling adventure, best known as entrepreneurship. I had the idea for my business for quite some time, but kept putting off the execution because a 401K and health insurance sounded so much more safe than the risk and investment my business would take. I finally took the leap and began building my business, C-Suite Coach full time.

Early on in this journey, I served as the keynote speaker for a Wix Lounge Small Biz Breakfast. Small business success expert Ramon Ray moderated the…

Reflections After Multiple Tech Pitch Competitions

In the last year, I’ve applied for countless pitch competitions to gain resources for my company, C-Suite Coach. We’ve been fortunate to finish as 1 of 11 Finalists selected in Village Capital’s 2016 New York Education Forum, sponsored by Citi; 1 of 6 Finalists in Silicon Harlem’s International Pitchfest, and the first prize winner of Uber’s NYC Pool Pitch competition.

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In each of these experiences, hundred of startups apply and a select few are entered to compete live for cash! They have each come with their own exciting circumstances.

For example, in the Village Capital Forum, the focus was on…

Creating Opportunity When Your Access To The C-Suite Is Limited

A mentor, a sponsor, and a coach: most career resources, conferences, retreats, etc. will tell you that you need at least one, if not all three, of these key relationships to thrive at work. A mentor leverages their experiences and knowledge of your company and industry to give you candid feedback on how to thrive in your role and grow to the next level. A career coach isn’t necessarily familiar with your specific industry, and instead are trained to approach your goals and problems from a counseling and solution- oriented angle with your individual needs in mind. As Coach Paula…

What You Can Do To Revitalize Your Career Right Where You Are

Often, time away from work and a focus on milestones, like a new year for example, will highlight areas in life where we are feeling stuck and stagnant. Downtime with friends and loved ones, maybe some home cooking (beans, greens, potatoes…) perhaps some travel, may draw attention to the fact that before the holidays, life was feeling a little bit like that movie Groundhog Day. You are waking up and just going through the motions because you know that when you go to bed, you are going to wake up to do the exact same thing all over. …

Angelina Darrisaw

Founder & CEO @CSuiteCoach, helping companies engage and retain diverse millennial talent. Getting more people of color & women promoted. Google Digital Coach.

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