Au and Bust

Earlier this month or I guess it was late January, an anon on tumblr asked me a question about Au and Bust. // Yes they still “exist”.
( btw: This anon is dedicated, she actually google translated the three chapters I’ve written from Norwegian to English, because she read my english description of the story. Thank YOU SO MUCH”

I can’t understand Bust. Is he a psycopath or just scary?-Anon
- He is NOT a psychopath. I don’t have enough backinformation to base some of my main characters on a mentall illness that I don’t know anything about. He isn’t scary. Or, atleast not for me, because I created him. He is a mysterious guy ( for now) but later in the story you’ll see him as someone really smart and admirable ( or so I hope ). I can’t spoil more.

Does Au have a mentall illness as well?- Anon ( same anon I guess)
- Au does not have a mentall illness, not that I can think of. I guess being insecure and angry is under the category “ healthy minded”. I have to say though, that I can see where the question comes from. She gets kind of hysteric over the fact that Bust left her, and never said a word. She makes the whole situation seem so “illegal”, but I honestly think it is because she might have been in love (spoilerallert) and that she might still be in love with bust. and this is a fact, people do stupid things when they’re in love.

xoxo- gossip girl.
Or just me.

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