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Russian airline crash

A Russian airliner carrying more than 200 passengers crashed in Egypt’s restive Sinai Peninsula,killing all people on board Saturday (all times local).

For the first day, news are all focus on whats. Especially to clarify how many people on board.After the statement from different official resources, news go to diverse branches.

Certainly, the most important point that people want to know is the cause of event. But as it’s an aviation accident, the analysis of black box needs time, and it must not be so soon. So during this period of time, there are many things to say.

For example, brief introduction of victims, the background of the aviation company and A321, the airport security of Egypt,the impact on Egypt tourism and so on.

Different media has different style. I like the headlines of the Washington Post. It catches the audience’s eyes immediately. For example, Noise in last second of Russian plane’s cockpit recording, it makes you want to read it. As for headlines of BBC,too many interrogative sentences, sometimes make me confuse.

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