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Who must be family caregivers? As medicine and technology improve, people live longer and the birth rate declines.

Especially in China. Since 1971, the plan of population control has put into practice. Till now,that generation became old, and their only child surely became the caregiver of the family. Certainly, it’s not only an appearance in China, but also a global one.

The caregivers is not only the represent of responsibility, but also a part of family. They have their life, and caregiving is a part of their dairy life. It’s enjoyable while you are with your family.

In this article, a short brief beginning, then the main role comes on the stage. In the meanwhile,powerfully using quotes from experts from different domains. Different roles tell different cases.

It’s obvious to extent the issue to the sandwich generation. How about the situation that they face the old and the young at the same time? Is there any different? Do they put equal attention on both side? Do they feel tired or happy? It is an issue that we can extend.