How long would you estimate you spent writing the app, developing the graphics, managing the…
Adam Donahue

Thanks for reading and commenting, Adam. You are correct. $1200 is far less than minimal wage for the time I spent building it. However, $1200 is a lot of money for a project I built as a means of learning during my sophomore year. I was definitely able to absorb the costs of building the app and so was happy to let it go for such a low amount. Nonetheless, had I really cared, I could have spent a bit more time and effort on selling the app for far more than what I sold it for. But again, It was a sophomore app that was just laying around and I needed to get off of my hands.

As you noted at the end, the larger goal of this article was not to say, “Look how much I made from this app,” but instead to say, “Look, there are ways to get money for your work and here are steps to take in order to increase your chance of success.” All that’s left to do is set your price and only sell when that is met.

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