I think this would help to some degree.
Mateja Klaric

This is very interesting and feedback on SuperMeditor. Much Appreciated.

Let me address each piece and hopefully we will be closer in understanding the use of SuperMeditor.

Publication Info Visibility & Discovery

I get tired after so and so many checks and I simply stop scrolling. — Mateja Klaric

Great point. This I will fix.

SuperMeditor was built in two weeks with simplicity in mind. Now as it grows, simplicity much be revisited to scale.

This is a design issue and I have an idea as to how to redesign the feed so that all of the information is visible as you scroll so that you don’t have to hover over each publication to view its information.

Writers, Shoes & Search

It would also help writers if they could search based on which publication cover fiction, non-fiction, or both. You should really place yourself in the shoes of the writers a lot more and try to understand what kind of publication would they be interested in finding when searching. — Mateja Klaric

I have been a writer since the early days of Medium. I understand the needs of writers like myself. However, you are right, I have more to understand and continue to do my best to learn. Unfortunately, this request is something I am currently unable to fulfill due to the limitations of the Medium API:

I have no way of knowing for a fact which publications are non-fiction and which are not.

On the Habits of Successful SuperMeditor Publications

interestingly enough, the publications you mentioned as an example of the ones that had a lot of applicants do just that. — Mateja Klaric

Yes, two of the very successful publications on SuperMeditor have grown large by promoting their presence on SuperMeditor. However, there are about 10 other publications that have grown by the thousands since joining SuperMeditor without promoting their presence on SuperMeditor. So, no, you do not have to promote SuperMeditor to succeed. You must promote your publication and give writers an easy way to find you and request to contribute.

On Promoting SuperMeditor

But guess what — I do not need your app to generate response from the writers if that only works when I promote it. It’s promotion that’s doing it and not your app, so what’s the point of using it? Honestly, what?

Why Use SuperMeditor? 2 Reasons:

  1. When Medium first started, writers succeeded by promoting their articles that they wrote on Medium to other social networks. You may call this promoting Medium, but may others would look at it as what it is: the writers promoting their content through their network so that others can find it. The only thing Medium has to do with that is that Medium is the platform that displays the content of the writers in a beautiful and more enjoyable manner for readers. Thus, everyone win:
  • Writers get readers
  • Readers are satisfied by the content and how Medium displays it
  • Medium gains users
  • The cycle continues and everyone grows together

This is how platforms work. Accordingly, this is how the SuperMeditor platform works best for some.

But again, many other publications who have gained the most from their use of SuperMeditor have been discovered by readers and writers through SuperMeditor organically. So that’s one reason to use SuperMeditor.

2. The other reason to use SuperMeditor is for the very first reason I decided to build it: rid yourself of hundreds of emails from aspiring writers. I’ll expand on this in my response to why SuperMeditor does not send and email for every request from writers, but you can refer to the initial article I wrote on SuperMeditor at its launch:

I also do not see why it would make sense not to get an email whenever someone applies? I really don’t get your reasoning for this… — Mateja Klaric

Okay, so this one is tough. I assume you read the initial article I wrote on the utility of SuperMeditor when I launched it in April of this year, but I’ll explain my reasoning again:

Emails are bad and overwhelming in large quantities.

In that picture above, you can see my inbox before SuperMeditor launched. After SuperMeditor, I have received about 2 emails from aspiring writers in the last five moves. All of the other nearly 200 requests from writers to contribute to my publications in the last five months have come through SuperMeditor.

Imagine receiving 200 of the same emails in a five month period. That would be absolutely terrible. Thats about 1.33 emails per day. If you don’t act on your emails each day, you will have more than nine emails of the same nature to sift through and act on each week. Many people like the summarized list of requests sent in a single email each week. Further, since you may overlook some emails, SuperMeditor will have to send each one to you three times over three weeks. Referring to the aforementioned 200 requests in five months, that’s 200 * 3 = 600 or 4 emails per day on average.

That is something I don’t want to fascilitate because I, as an editor, understand how overwhelming that can be. When I get overwhelmed, I often don’t read many of my emails that I don’t think are important. If I, an editor do not read my SuperMeditor emails, I will not add new writers to my publication. Now speaking as a writer, if editors don’t act on their emails, I don’t get added as a writer to their publications. At that point, nobody wins.

That is why SuperMeditor does not currently send email notifications on a per request basis.

With all of that said, however, do you think it’d be useful for you to have the option to receive email on a per request basis? I could make this happen if it is something that would help you do your job better as an editor.

SuperMeditor Forum

Plus, there is no contact built in your app or any other easy way of letting you know if there are any issues.

You are right, before last week, there has been no easy way to provide feedback or ask questions directly in SuperMeditor. But as of last week, there has been a forum added to SuperMeditor for this very purpose and I continue to encourage the community to share their ideas and ask questions on there:

Again, I would love for you to make use of it.