Today Seems Like a Good Day for an Adventure with Gigi the Explorer Fairy

As I hibernate inside my warm house preparing to use my indoor sauna for the fifteenth time this week, I cannot help but think, “Today is a good day for an adventure”. As a miniature gardener — this seems like the perfect theme for a fairy garden. When you are trapped inside your home during -21 degree weather, your mind cannot help but wander to all the fun places you would rather be. I could be on a beach in Bora Bora, wandering around a villa in Tuscany, or visiting a shrine in Japan. The ideas all seem better, warmer, and more fun than sitting in this freezing winter chill. The idea of ‘wanderlust’ is common for anyone, even fairies, who wish to travel and explore this gorgeous world we live on. If you have ever daydreamed and gazed out of your office window wondering how much a ticket to London would be right now — then the wanderlust bug has probably bitten you.

Gigi the Explorer Fairy is the perfect example of this — she is a fairy who wishes to do and see everything this beautiful planet has to offer. To me she seems like a nature lover who always has her little black Scottie dog at her side ready and willing to share in an adventure. If you are thinking about creating a miniature garden inspired by your favorite vacation spot or the part of the world you wish to see the most, then Gigi would be a fun addition to your fairy garden. Set the scene by surrounding Gigi the Explorer Fairy with tropical plants or woodsy evergreens. You can decide where Gigi will travel and create a miniature garden of your dream destination. This Merriment Fairy would add whimsy and a magical touch to your fairy garden.

You could dress up this scene with a collection of fairy houses and buildings that really show off her continued need to travel. Fairy cottages come in various colors, shapes, and sizes that resemble the homes seen in fairyhoods throughout the world. The colorful “Which Way Sign” would reveal her flexibility to go whichever way the wind takes her. In the back of my mind, I wish I had a little bit more of this trait within myself. It would be wonderful to drop everything and hike through ancient ruins in Costa Rica. So if you are anything like me and need to stay where you are, but wish you could travel then you should consider adding a fun location theme miniature garden within your home.

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