BORA Development Update and Business Direction Seminar Overview

On the 22nd of November, the first official BORA development update and business direction was held in Seoul, South Korea. BORA's parent company WAY2BIT invited 100 industry professionals and partners to inform the progress in building BORA Island, the new partnerships and the overall business direction of the project is headed.

After the introduction by WAY2BIT CEO Song Gyehan where he informed the audience about the latest updates on the BORA project, business direction and newest partners. WAY2BIT CMO Lee Seung-Hee said the team intends to list BORA tokens in the coming month.

In Q4 of 2018 BORA Lagoon was launched as the testnet version. BORA Island provides a wallet service for users to safely store their tokens. BORA Explorer allows you to check transactions on the BORA blockchain. BORA Atoll is created as a business guide for professional partners. BORA is a dual According to BORA's CTO Wei Tui Bai Li testnet results have shown 2,200 transactions per second (TPS), while he is working on an additional solution that will generate at least 4,000 transactions to be within a second.

Various Game developers and gaming companies have already announced their support of the BORA project.

- Skeleton King The flagship project of EMON Games has integrated BORA tokens to upgrade or upgrade the game or upgrade characters. The team will also add a reward system, where BORA tokens can be earned by participating in-game competitions.

- Casino Game developer NEON, that launched the game 'World Black Jack Tournament (WBT)' will be an interoperation with BORA token.

- SUPERTREE has transformed BORA Swell into game-money within their game CRYPTO DOZER.

Besides these three game developing companies, we have introduced business partners like Blockwater Capital, ENP Games, Unit 5, Assum Ventures, HURAY POSITIVE, MODU TOWN, WISEPEER, and INFOSEED.

Concluding remarks

Blockchain-based projects with a utility token structure and reward system can integrate into different industries. The gaming, music, content and entertainment industries are highly suitable for blockchain solutions.

The intention is that the BORA is built on a reliable ecosystem for users who value the digital assets.

We can see a lot of action, development and implementations are taking place at the moment where a lot of Asian companies are adopting the BORA ecosystem. This is a great sign for a relatively new project. Another thing I have noticed is the amount and quality of the institutional investors and partnerships that the team is attracting.

I am curious to see the BORA token list on an exchange and see if the individual investors are interested in buying the token.

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