💳 Libra Credit: the decentralized lending ecosystem, a project overview

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Jun 19, 2018 · 5 min read

Libra Credit was initiated by the Libra Foundation at the end of 2017 and is founded by two former Paypal executives, Lu Hua and Dan Schatt. Libra Credit’s aim is to build a decentralized lending ecosystem that facilitates open access to lending services for people all over the globe and at any given time. The digital lending process can be completed within 5 simple steps.

By enabling crypto-to-fiat, crypto-to-stablecoin and crypto-to-crypto lending Libra Credit offers its customers flexibility in lending structures. The lending platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is projected to go live in July 2018.

To raise capital for their project they initiated an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in which they launched their native LBA Token with a total token supply of 1,000,000,000 LBA. 40% of the total token supply was sold in the ICO, raising roughly 26,000,000 USD.

In the same week that they successfully conducted their ICO, LBA Token was listed on 4 major exchanges on the same day. Currently LBA Token is trading at: Huobi Pro (register here for an account), OKEx, Bibox, IDEX and Gate.io.

LBA Token can be used as a Proof-of-Membership token, a governance token, it can function as a medium of exchange and it can be used as a rewards token.

Like most other cryptocurrencies LBA Token is currently in a bear trend, performance wise. The trading volume and price action are in a continuous slow decline. Unfortunately there are still no signs of a major trend reversal. On the upside, the LBA Token price is still trading around 50% higher than its ICO price, compared to USD (even higher comparing LBA to ETH).

✅ As seen in the image above, Libra Credits’ business model consists of:
➡️ An extensive network of partnerships: Libra Credit already established partnerships with stable coin provider Maker DAO and decentralized exchange platform Radar Relay.
➡️ An AI-based dual-credit risk assessment, that considers collateral viability and borrowers credit-score.
➡️ Multiple sources and use of funding, by facilitating fiat, hedging and the need for liquidity.

✅ Libra Credits has 7 different types of stakeholders: cryptocurrency investors, borrowers, lenders, E-wallet partners, exchange partners, stable-coin partners and Verification data providers. Here are a few of them highlighted by key benefits:
➡️ cryptocurrency investors: Investors can use Libra Credit as an alternative channel for crypto-financial asset conversion. They will have global access to all asset classes and they can initiate margin lending with reinvestments.
➡️ borrowers: Borrowers will have easy access to the platform’s lending services, they can send in their application 24/7 and have instant access if the application is granted.
➡️ exchange partners: Increasing their trading volume and trading fee income and enhancing liquidity depth on the existing orderbook which will drive new customers to the exchange.

✅ Libra Credit recently announced it has received an investment of over 16,000,000 USD from institutional investors. The ‘donation’ is made by several industry leading venture capitalist firms like FBG Capital, Alphabit Fund, Block VC, DFund and Signum capital. The investment is initiated to build their global decentralized lending network and bring liquidity to the platform.

Lu Hua main guest at Huobi Talk
Digital asset exchange Huobi Pro is hosting a weekly broadcast on YouTube called Huobi Talk. This coming week, Episode 35, on Thursday the 21th of June 2018 12.00pm GMT +8, will be dedicated to Libra Credit. Lu Hua, co-founder and CEO of Libra Credit will be talking about the project and will answer viewers questions.

Huobi Talk is an interactive way for Huobi to connect with users all over the world and inform them about projects listed on the platform as well. Viewers can also earn an attractive airdrop of LBA tokens, with a total value of around 24,000 USD.

✅ 🍬 How to participate in the Airdrop?
📝 Sign up for an account at Huobi.pro. If you already have you can skip this step.

The airdrop consists of two parts, for both parts you’ll need your Huobi User ID (UID):
🖋 Fill in the google form on Huobi Pro’s YouTube channel. Share the notification about episode 35 of Huobi Talk on YouTube with your friends and family.
Share it on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. Each share will earn you +1 extra entry in the total prize pool of 75,000 LBA Tokens.
📝 During the episode the host will ask five different questions. The first 100 people to respond (per question) with the correct answer in the Youtube chat box will share a bounty of 20,000 LBA Tokens for each question. A total of 100,000 LBA will be airdropped in this section of the giveaway. The correct format in answering the question and participating in the airdrop is: Huobi UID 12345678 @ correct answer

🔔 Make sure to subscribe to Huobi Pro talk on YouTube and click the notification button to get notified when a new video is online.
The link to the Huobi YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCABkgL5rRAk61E2Qtjtqcxw

🎥 Huobi Talk is streaming live on YouTube every Thursday 12:00 PM GMT +8 (Singapore time), 04:00 AM UTC, 06:00 AM Western Europe Time.

🍬 Airdrop winners will be announces on Huobi Pro’s Twitter and Medium.com channel in the following week after the Huobi Talk episode.

📝 Libra Credit is listed on Huobi Pro. If you would like to trade it, but you don’t have an account yet, you can register using this link.

Official Libra credit channels:

Website: https://www.libracredit.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LibraCredit
Medium: https://medium.com/libracredit
Telegram: https://t.me/libraofficiallink
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Libra_Credit/

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