The Current Creative Crisis

“Being creative means mapping out a thousand different ways to reach the same destination.”

We are all currently living through a major creative crisis. Creativity rates are in a steady decline with people no longer thinking of their own fresh ideas. People define creativity as having original ideas that are out of the standard confinements of the box. But, what really is creativity?

To combat the lack of necessary creativity nowadays, a class promoting creativity should be created. But, we also need more than just a class. We need to give students the opportunity to be creative not just within a single class, but within all of school, within all the world. It is absolutely necessary for creative thinking to be taught in school in order for the creation of a better world, one in which we are innovators.

The first step to take to combat the creativity crisis is to teach children-get them to really understand-the true meaning of creativity. Many kids assume that creativity is something that only has to do with art, sometimes writing, and not that it can be implemented in every single aspect of life, everywhere. You may even think that because the only time creativity is ever even slightly mentioned in grade school is in art and maybe English.

Kids need to see that creativity is the thinking up of new and valuable ideas which create innovation to make something unoriginal, that makes the world better. Creativity is not some pointless little thing that only makes your art prettier. It’s not even that it only makes the whole world prettier to glance at; it’s that when you look at the world you’ll see that it makes the whole world better.

Everyone knows Henry Ford’s story and how he made the world a better place. But, do you know that it was through creativity that the first real car was able to be innovated? If Ford hadn't been creative, he wouldn't have thought of the first assembly line. Ford changed how cars were looked at. There were automobiles before him, yet they were so expensive and needed so much high maintenance, only the utmost upper class could even think of affording them.

Being creative means looking at something in a new way, shedding new light upon it. It means finding the different perspective on things, breaking the typical routine. Being creative is to come up with new ideas, to link ideas, to make connections, to innovate, change the world, better the world. Being creative means mapping out a thousand different ways to reach the same destination and then choosing the best one, whether it’s the most efficient, or the one that works better for you.

Ford took the automobile and looked it at in a new way. He came up with a new idea featuring the assembly line and linked it to the production of automobiles to innovate the first of what we now know as cars. He used creativity. Imagine a life without cars. His innovations have touched too many lives to count. Imagine if we were able to create a world which nurtured creativity, how great of a place that’d be.

The creativity class that needs to be created should teach how creativity can be used everywhere in life. Creativity can be obtained through the class which should increase students knowledge of the creative process through real life examples of how creativity was used in the past to innovate. There should be various stimulated problems in which kids should have to present a creative solution. Getting kids to think about creativity through this class will spark creativity in other aspects of their life.

Then, to reinforce that creativity is everywhere, teachers of other subjects from math to social studies should also integrate creative principles into their class. This way children will be able to really understand that creativity isn’t simply an isolated thing that they learned in a class. They should be able to see that it can be applied to any aspect.

In order for us to overcome the creative crisis, we need to teach creativity to students in school. However, students shouldn't just see creativity as an isolated class, it should be present in every class that every student takes. Then students will be able to think creatively, expressing themselves freely and innovating on their own to better this world.

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