Experimenting with Rose Quartz

My Rose Quartz at Bedside

For several years, especially when there is a new or full moon, I am tossing and turning, only to wake up every two hours or so until the first light of morning. This has happened so often that I automatically wake up earlier without an alarm, and I am deprived of that luxury of sleeping in on my days off. I have used amethyst in the room to help promote sleep, but it didn’t seem to work for any extended period of time. I have “programmed” a clear Quartz to sleep, but that only lasted a short time. With all of my experiences with crystals and gemstones, I felt there had to a crystal that would encourage slumber for me.

I got busy and didn’t think much about this for a while, and sleep patterns were broken up by the eclipse we had, as well as the follow-up of the full moon and a retrograde. Recently, I didn’t give that another thought when I took in the Rose Quartz that had been sitting out on my deck, to take a place on my bedroom night table. My intention was that, with the state of the world the way it is, a little extra love in the bedroom couldn’t hurt. In fact, it encourages the warmth of intimacy to sleep near Rose Quartz.

That night, and subsequent nights for a week, I slept almost straight through except for one time when I took the Rose Quartz away for a couple of days. My sleep pattern changed again. I did not sleep through the night until I put the crystal back.

My feeling is that the energy of those astrological occurrences, coupled with the energy of the Rose Quartz, created a peaceful sleep pattern for me.

Programming a crystal is easy. You hold it in your hands in prayer-like position and state your intention (sleep, love, etc.) then place it where you want or wear it, depending your application.

If you have crystals around your home, don’t be afraid of working with them experimentally. You will discover what stones are energetic to your energy field and which you have a strong affinity for. And, as long as you put it somewhere safe, feel free to put your stones in a window or outside during the moon cycles. You never know what energy will open up to you.

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