Signs Along the Way

I’ve received some of my best spiritual signs simply by going out and about for a walk with my dog, Gidget. Along the way, we come across various souvenirs from someone’s “night before” as well as odds and ends of trash from inconsiderate litterers. We see cars, people, trees, flowers, weather conditions and other animals. However, once in a while we stumble upon something that should not be explained; only understood. Such was the case on our walk this morning.

The grass was becoming greener, the cherry blossoms were in bloom and there weren’t too many cars on the street. As we walked, I became lost in thought and that thought turned to the practice of yoga. I have done it for most of my life, but the past year it’s been sporadic because of an injury I sustained to my ankle and foot. A soft cast and using a cane limited my yoga practice. I have been waiting for the chronic pain to ease up a bit for me to be able to start again.

I paused in my reverie when Gidget paused to smell the grass and my foot caught on a piece of paper. It appeared to be a page a book or from an Internet web site. I put Gidget into a sit position and bent down to see what was written on it. I didn’t touch it, but I did take out my phone and snap the photo below.

Signs in Unusual Places

For me, this was confirmation and could be seen as nothing else but confirmation. It was a sign designed to validate what I was thinking and I said a little prayer of gratitude for the message.