The Energy of Love

Love carries along with it a vibration that suggests we embrace goodness and kindness. Love doesn’t always start out as romantic. Rather, it begins with a universal connection of spirit. That connection is established when people meet for the first time. The way love thrives is to take steps to nurture a further connection. Often, the first connection is through the physical in terms of sight. If a person is physically appealing to you, then you’ll probably continue with the pursuit of the relationship. That’s not being shallow. That’s actually being thorough with how you connect and feel with people. It is how you are sensing energy to choose between what is positive or negative to you.

For anyone watching the reality TV show, Married at First Sight, there is always one person who cannot form any kind of attraction to the person he/she blindly married in the experiment. Many viewers see he/she as shallow. I don’t, because that physical attraction is one of the most important factors in establishing a relationship of love that is worth keeping on a deeper, soul level. This is based on my opinion in terms of my personal experiences as well as those of my clients. Though people who sign up for a reality TV show cannot avoid this kind of disappointment, in real life we can.

When you see someone for the first time, whether that person is male or female, you will feel a vibration. That vibration will offer you a sense of wanting to know more about them, to get closer to them without being quite sure why. Or it will confirm to you that you are not interested in anything “more” with their energy The energy will move you to accept or deny, which means you’ll either want to smile and move forward, or frown and move as far away as possible. Here are my thoughts on how to work with the energy of love so that you might spare yourself heartache or misunderstanding in your relationships.

External energy — Appearance is what attracts you immediately. Anyone who denies that is fooling themselves. It’s perfectly fine to initially be attracted to the physical.

Internal energy — This is what charms you into wanting to be within them more. The energy they give off will let you know whether or not you have anything in common from a soul level.

Color — What colors they wear also figure into the equation. Darker colors like blues and purples will draw you in closer. Lighter colors may draw your attention to other things about their personality. Vibrant colors will give you the key to how they use their energy and what they reveal to others.

The most important factor in working with the energy of love is what the complete package conveys to you. Ask where in your own physical body do you feel the most friendly toward this person? Once you define your sense of positive and negative within yourself you will find a comfort zone. Chances are good that you will be able to ascertain whether or not it’s worth the investment to move forward to embrace them.

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