The Power of Forgiveness

In my travels and sessions with my clients I have discovered that a lot of people are posting about how they miss their loved ones who passed on. I also see those same people hold grudges and lack forgiveness for the people who are alive and in their life now.

I find it so contradictory that people are not grateful for those in their lives, enough to see through to forgiveness. As we get older we begin to embrace people in a way that makes them a deeply moving part of our lives and we become a deeply moving part of their lives. We need to remember that we’re here for all too brief a time. Even as a fourth-generation psychic medium, I wish that I could give back some of the love to people who are here now with me, and not hold against them things that we could not avoid or agree on. I know all too well that as much as we are able to communicate with the other side, communicating with this side is what will enrich life now while we are here. It will also contribute to our being able to communicate with the other side.

  1. Lacking forgiveness easily contributes to ill health.
  2. Lacking forgiveness takes so much energy on a daily basis that it consumes reason.
  3. Lacking forgiveness is karmically what we will get back because it’s what we put out.

I don’t understand the people who grieve the dead and then don’t respect and love the living enough to see how short life really is. They’re doing themselves an injustice and robbing themselves of a healthy and happy future.

So today I ask you decide: do you want to be happy or do you want to be sad? Do you want to be alone or do you want to enjoy what time you have left on this earth?

The choice is always yours. Choose wisely, because nothing is worse than regretting a life decision that you’ve made based on your ego.

A helpful acronym I try to live by: when we use Ego we are Edging God Out.

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