Three Paranormal Points

I am a fourth generation psychic medium and paranormal investigator and have been doing this work for over fifty years. During that time I have experienced a lot of things that are hard to explain and difficult to handle. Over time, the investigations revealed certain formal ways we worked and the words we were using in procedure and many of those routinely expressions are not necessarily favorable to connecting with spirit. They are the same words, phrases and procedures that are used by 90% of all paranormal hunting expeditions. I discovered that they were consistently not well received by the spirits/ghosts being investigated through the properties.

For me, whenever those negative expressions represented themselves, it made me take special note. I decided it was a good idea to share my personal findings with you. Though there are many rules and criteria involved in paranormal investigation, these three points made themselves known most of the time. That had me stand up and take notice. These are suggestions and may prove helpful.

  1. Stop burning sage in the investigative environment. The residual dust releases smoke into the air and can give us a false reading with video or on regular camera, causing the illusion of orbs. It’s also not understood by the other side and can create a negative response.
  2. Stop cursing at them when investigating because you encourage negative spirits and negative responses. Trying to act tough is only going to get you into dangerous situations.
  3. Stop assuming that the person haunting the place is the one connected to the story you’ve been told, because it could be anybody and not necessarily the person/spirit you’re investigating. Over a century, so much has happened on the land a building is on that you would have no idea of the real identity. It’s a better to not assume who they are and, instead, use your equipment to “interview” them by asking questions to ascertain identity. This type of investigating makes it possible to get more deeply involved in the history of the house from a spiritual perspective and offers richer results.

These are just a few tips I discovered to be helpful while doing my own investigations over the years. I hope you find them useful. The most important thing you can do when communicating is to keep a journal. Write down your findings and be extra aware of the energy you feel. Good luck!

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