Ways to Relax During the Holidays

My Caroline’s Dollhouse circa 1976

This time of year takes a lot out of us and this year will be no different. It’s important to take time in between the hustle and bustle and to relax. It will be those moments of calm that will help center your energy so that you may not feel stressed.

There are several ways to accomplish relaxation, and I have outlined a few below.

  • Acquire a hobbit of collectibles. Some people collect miniature cars, while others might build something with Legos. In my case, take the time to attend on my doll house that I’ve been working on for decades, since at least 1976.
  • Puzzles are another good source of relaxation. Pick something easy and colorful if you are relatively new to puzzles. Etch time out to be able to sit at your puzzle for a considerable amount of time so you get into a rhythm.
  • Coloring is another good thing to do as it allows you to release stress through the colors you may use.
  • Add or delete from your music collection. Going through them can help give you a purpose and allow you to spend time “away” from present events that are stressful.

These are just a few of the things you can do to relax and chill out during the holidays. Look around your home and I’m sure you will come up with many ideas that will help you. The most important thing to remember is to not be at your computer or your job and doing actual work. The idea is to breathe in calm by actions that create that awareness. See how many ways you can come up with and then choose what is best for you.

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