Choose to Matter

Dear Beautiful Being

Don’t confuse YOUR self worth as ONLY when you are helping others.

Thinking your self worth comes from solely helping others — means the purpose you give yourself requires others to ‘have a problem’ in order to define your value. And THAT is not healthy. Because if that problem was solved permanently — where does that leave you feeling about yourself, your self worth and the value you bring?

Helping others is an EXTENSION of your self worth.

YOUR self worth and value have to come from that which ALREADY exists WITHIN you. And that is knowing, living, breathing, being and believing in YOUR Truth.

That JUST as you are — YOU are enough.

That YOU just being comfortable, happy, feeling joy and contentment for WHO you are — is ENOUGH.

You need not link YOUR value to anything external to you Beautiful Being.
Doing that ONLY trains you to seek power OUTSIDE of you — and that can be taken away at ANYTIME.

But YOUR true worth and value come from your inner power — and you get to harness that in EVERY MOMENT you are granted breath. And your INNER power can NEVER be taken away from you — unless you CHOOSE to give it away.

By all means help others — just don’t limit how you acknowledge YOUR value and worth as ONLY that.

When you help YOURSELF you help others.

When YOU take responsibility for yourself and OWN participating in your own unfolding — YOU put yourself in a position to be of best service to yourself and subsequently others.

Be HEALTHILY selfish, and NEVER leave yourself behind whilst you are helping others.
Remember your health, wellbeing, nourishing your spirit, attending to your needs — is important.

Value yourself because there is only one of you that has been created — and for good reason , only you are meant to be that expression of the Universe.

YOU matter just as much as the people YOU help. Let that REALLY sink into your Being.

So CHOOSE to matter to yourself.

Now, go do something nice for YOU— just for you.

Thank you for being beautifully you.

Much love and light

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