Fan Your Flame

Dear Beautiful Being

What would YOU regret NOT doing in Life?

You know it because you feel it. It is that flame that has either JUST enough oxygen to keep that spark kindling and flickering within you over the mundane of routine, OR it is growing as you fan it with focus and intention.

Maybe it feels exciting, maybe it feels scary…maybe it is none of those polar opposite cliche feelings and it is just good enough that you KNOW you would regret NOT doing it.

Maybe it is having the courage to say ‘I am sorry’, letting someone know you love them, forgiving someone, forgiving yourself, making more time for yourself or loved ones, saying yes, saying no, taking that holiday, starting that business, changing your Life in someway for the better…maybe it’s something huge, maybe it is something super tiny

Whatever it is Beautiful Being — if TODAY were your last breath, your very LAST chance for it— how would you FEEL knowing you NEVER even tried?

What could YOU do Beautiful Being to take the first step to make it happen?

Remember Beautiful Being, YOU have been given that flame for a reason and sometimes that reason may not be solving or eliminating worldly happenings…it could simply and beautifully be because it makes you happyit makes your Soul smile…it brings you peace. And THAT is good enough.

There may be no guaranteed rewards in doing it — BUT there will be SOUL in it…YOUR SOUL.

And YOUR SOUL is Beautiful.

Life is more than just paying bills and dying.

Life is what YOU ALLOW yourself to fill it with… colouring between the lines…or taking that picture and making it your own.

Colour outside the lines.
Breathe Life into the flame within your Soul and watch the flame grow.

You can live Life in fear or in LOVE. Choose LOVE. ALWAYS.

No regrets Beautiful Being… DECLARE IT and let YOUR SOUL be happy…

Fan your Flame

Thank you for being beautifully you.

Much love and light

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